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Like so many other sports people who feel the need to continue some form of competitive
sport after they retire from playing their main sport, I took up playing golf more seriously
about 5 years ago. My previous sport was hurling and I played at the highest level. My
career in inter-county hurling with Dublin lasted for 10 years and during that time I also had
the privilege of playing at provincial and International level and indeed captaining my county
for a season. After finishing at that level, I continued to play at local club level and played
my last game at 50 years of age. A good innings for sure!

During those last few years and also because of Covid, I started playing golf more seriously
thinking that my hurling skills would easily translate to golf. Indeed they do, but like all
golfers we want to get better! I got to a decent level on my own, without lessons and thought
this would continue. Eventually I found that I wasn’t improving anymore and started to
experience the frustrations of golf. If you are a golfer, you know what I am talking about!
At that point I felt I had to understand the game more to take it to the next level. From my
past work I understood that the best way to learn something is to teach it. This is where I
discovered the World Golf Teachers Federation coaching program. I didn’t have to be a
scratch golfer or be under a certain age to train to be a golf coach. I have taken the Stage 1
and 2 training so far and hope to attain Stage 3 certification in 2023. I have learned so much
thus far, but realise that both golf and coaching are a lifelong learning commitment. I am
delighted to be able to help other golfers in learning about this wonderful game and to help
others gain the many benefits of playing it for the rest of their lives.


The World Golf Teacher’s Federation of GB&I Charter

-We coach the person not the swing
-We manage the project from start to finish
-We discover the client’s personality -traits compare them with their goals and align
-We coach by first assessing golfers when playing
-We coach people to play the game
-We continuously coach people to become aware, egoless, autonomous, and how to learn
-We first coach golfers to peak perform on the golf course
-We assess their peak performance against their goals and asses any changes in all aspects of the short game before addressing the potential in their long game


-Everyone is a unique individual
-The coach client relationship is fundamental and essential
-You only really learn the subject material when you teach it
-Awareness is the key
-The absolute need to be non-judgmental
-Our desire is fundamentally to help our client; remuneration of any sort is just an outcome
Everyone already has all the skills required to achieve anything they desire
-The power of listening
-The power of feedback (and therefore) and how it allows learning to become exponential
-The quality of language and communication to deliver feedback
-The power of collaboration
-The power of process
-We must walk the talk


Using the V1 Golf App we offer video lessons remotely so whatever your location we can still coach you, and track all your on course stats.

Golf Camps

Partnering with accommodation firms and courses in the south of Spain we offer intense 3 to 5 day coaching schools to cover all areas of your game.

1-2-1 Lessons

In person lessons are available at our studio, at the driving range or playing lessons on your home course across Devon and Cornwall.

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